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Winter 10km (Also part of an interlocking medal)

Let’s start the new year with a great event! We don’t want the cold to stop us, get those hats and scarfs on and enjoy those chilly runs. Sign up to this fantastic 10km event and celebrate this great season!

This medal is also part of our Run the Seasons medal. This event has 4 interlocking medals, each one representing a season. Run 10km each season in 2021/22 and get 4 medals, that interlock together to show a huge medal design.

To sign up to our Run the Seasons event CLICK HERE! Enter this event and get 4 medals for the price of 3! (getting one medal free!)

Race: Winter 10km

Distance to complete: 10km

Month to be completed in: Between November 2021 – February 2022

Cost to enter: £7 (inc UK delivery)

If you would like to do our Run the Seasons event (4 x 10km events all to be run during 2021/22) please click HERE. You will also get 4 medals for the price of 3 (getting one free!).

Evidence to be submitted by: 1st March 2022 (anything after this date will not be accepted and you not receive your medal).

Please submit your proof, name and delivery address by emailing: 

Any more information regarding submitting your evidence can be found here: Submit the Evidence