Run the Season 10km’s (4 medals to complete large interlocking medal)

With this 4 event, interlocking medal, its the perfect opportunity to keep the motivation all year! Run or walk 10km each season (4) and piece together your large complete Run the Seasons medal! Show off this fantastic medal to friends and family and share your success.

Races: Winter 10km, Spring 10km, Summer 10km and Autumn 10km

Distance to complete: 4 x 10km

Month to be completed in:

Spring 10km- Between March- June 2021

Summer 10km- June- September 2021

Autumn 10km- September- December 2021

Winter 10km- Between November 2021- February 2022

Cost to enter: £21 (inc UK delivery) 4 medals for the price of 3!

Evidence to be submitted by: 1st March 2022 (anything after this date will not be accepted and you will not receive your medal). If you would like to receive part of your interlocking medal after each event, please email your evidence once you have completed each 10km.

Please submit your proof, name and delivery address by emailing: 

Any more information regarding submitting your evidence can be found here: Submit the Evidence