Couch to 5km

Do you need a new challenge? Or always wanted to try running? Well, this event is for you! Sign up to this couch to 5km virtual run and not only will you receive a great medal for all of your hard work but we will also send you a beginners training plan to help you to achieve success.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes, just submit your evidence once you have completed the 5km distance.

GOOD LUCK and more importantly ENJOY!!

Race: Couch to 5km

Distance to complete: 5km

Month to be completed in: Ongoing (no time frame)

Cost to enter: £7 (inc UK delivery)

Evidence to be submitted by: Once you have completed your 5km

Please submit your proof, name and delivery address by emailing:

Any more information regarding submitting your evidence can be found here: Submit the Evidence